Rhythmic Coordination in Dyads

I’m just back from Leipzig, where the lovely people at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences organised a workshop “Musical Movement and Synchronization” followed by a symposium “Rhythmic Coordination in Dyads”. I gave a talk in the latter and thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend.

At the end of the symposium there was a brief discussion about where to go from here. This was the very first symposium of its kind, and many researchers in this new approach are struggling with similar issues of methodology, measurement and analysis etc. Everyone would greatly benefit from collaboration and of course as the terminology seems to be rather nebulous it would be good to decide which terms to use so that we’d understand each others’ work more easily and without the danger of misunderstandings.

A number of things were mentioned, among them this wikipedia page, Citizendium in general, and this journal.

Email, facebook and discussion forums were mentioned as ways to keep in touch about these things. As there are no proceedings of this symposium, and actually would really like to see the slides of the various presentations again, I suggest we all upload them in SlideShare, which means we don’t need to send bulky files around and the presentations can be uploaded to any page we might make. I can, for instance, collect them all here, if you think that’s a good idea.

To be the first to start, here are my slides. You can download the whole presentation, I wrote some details about the experiments etc. in the notes-sections of the PowerPoint slides, in case you’re interested.

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