Emmanuel Lutheran Choir in Jyväskylä

We had the privilige to have the ELC as our guests in the Music Department for a couple of days, before their performances in the Jyväskylä Summer Arts Festival and the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival.

Choir movement

Choir movement

During these two days, we had a workshop where a group of Finns “joined” the choir and learned some of their songs and choreographies. Also, we recorded the whole thing for research purposes. Not only that, we took motion capture of the movements. This amazing and unique data set will be analysed in the coming months (there really is a LOT of data). We collected two kinds of motion capture data – group synchronisation data and dance movement data. In the group sync sessions, we had a larger number of people (8 or 9) wearing just a couple of markers each.

Marker set for group synchronisation measurements

Marker set for group synchronisation measurements

In collecting the dance movement data, we used a full-body marker set, and actually tracked two people at the same time, doing the choir movements together.

Full marker sets

Full marker sets

Both these sessions were actual choir singing and performance – the rest of the choir was in the lab, around the motion capture area and all performances we tracked were thus as close to authentic as you can get in a motion capture lab.

Click the photos in the gallery to see them in full size.

2 thoughts on “Emmanuel Lutheran Choir in Jyväskylä

  1. I am so glad to see a Lutheran choir performing like that. I am also a conducter of a big Lutheran choir in Namibia. we always like to exchange culture with choirs of the Lutheran Churches in other countries. Recently we had visit one choir in Cape Town South Africa and it was a wonderfull experience. We hope to share also our culture with you hopefully one good. by the grace of God.

    Mr. Edward Thaniseb

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