Empirical Music Research Colloquium – first meeting

There’s an earlier post in Finnish about this new colloquium, but perhaps a brief intro in English is in place. The theme of this colloquium, empirical music research, is almost all-encompassing. In fact, one can argue that there is no other kind of music research. The aim, however, is to focus on sources of empirical data, methods of obtaining and analysing it. Kind of in the spirit of what Eric Clarke and Nicholas Cook outline in the opening chapter of their book Empirical Musicology – we can, and should make a move towards data-rich research.

The first meeting drew a very good group of people. There is a very nice variety of interests and expertise represented in the group, which is great, because it gives us the opportunity to learn from each other. The theme in the first meeting was Last FM. Last FM and other social music services in the internet are a rich source of data for music research. Rafael Ferrer is The Man when it comes to hoovering data from Last FM. He had the honour of giving the first EMR-colloquium presentation (and we had the honour of him giving it to us 🙂 ), which is embedded below. A lively discussion followed, and according to the finest academic traditions, this discussion was continued over drinks at Sohwi.

Next meeting will be in three weeks, and the theme is music and consumer behaviour. We’ll be looking at ways in which music is used to influence our behaviour in restaurants, cafes, shops etc., take a brief look at music in advertisements.

If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions, please use the comments box below.

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