ESCOM day 5 | Thanks for coming, see you later!

There were no keynotes on the last morning. Sunday started with the ESCOM General Assembly instead. Professor Reinhard Kopiez from Hannover University was elected as the new president of ESCOM. The incumbent president, prof Jukka Louhivuori from Jyväskylä, was elected new secretary general and editor of Musicae Scientiae, the journal of ESCOM. Jukka will thus take over Irène Deliège’s duties. Or rather, a team of people, led by Jukka will take over Irène’s duties, and part of them (regarding the journal) will hopefully be outsourced to a publishing house. She has dedicated so much time and effort to ESCOM, running it and the journal, that it will take several people to fill her shoes.

After the assembly, we had a full day of sessions ahead of us. I skipped the first set, as I was bound to present our paper in the afternoon session. The paper was with Marc Thompson, and titled Group synchronization of coordinated movements in a cross-cultural choir workshop. We presented a preliminary analysis of a motion capture study we conducted last summer with the Emmanuel Lutheran Choir. I wrote about it here at that time.

Now, as a brief summary – we are all happy but very tired. It has been an intensive two weeks in Jyväskylä, with the ISSSCCM summer school and then the ESCOM 2009 conference. We have enjoyed it, organising these things is demanding but rewarding, and the best reward must be to see people talk to each other, excited about finding new people who share their research interests and able to trade knowledge with them. The debates, the arguments, presentations and questions, the dinners, parties and early morning coffees – all essential forms of interaction between researchers that can not be replaced with electronic and virtual forms of communication. This was our version of a show – looking forward to future conferences, collaborations, conversations.

Thanks for coming, thanks for reading. Let’s keep in touch!

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