blog_images.001Lauttasaari was sound asleep, but Helsinki Airport is already fully awake. The morning rush hour is in full swing, departure board is full of flights but security check flows nicely as most of these people fly a lot. Most will fly to their Frankfurts and Londons for meetings for the day, and then, to paraphrase Finnair’s slogan, back home for the evening. I’m going to be gone a bit longer. 

Today is the first day of my one-month visiting professorship in Paris, at Labex. I’m trying to revive the blog and write a bit about what I’m doing there and how it goes. At the moment I’m mostly anxious about being away from my family for so long, luckily I’ll be going back in just over a week for the weekend – aptly for the Fathers’ day.

But the month will be busy – I’ll be giving a seminar on “Interacting minds”, starting tomorrow. Also, there is at least one paper to write, plenty of data to analyse, and there are a lot of theoretical and  methodological issues that we are looking forward to being able to discuss now that we are in the same city for a longer time. Scientifically, I’m very excited!

Hmm, go to gate, says the board. À bientôt!


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