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Brain Twitter Conference #brainTC

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We are organising the first Twitter conference in neuroscience on the 20th of April! We are very excited about this; it felt like a fun idea, and now as we are putting the event together, we start to see more concretely how cool this event will be! Brain Twitter Conference #brainTC is a “normal” scientific conference, but organised in Twitter, instead of a university lecture hall, a hotel, or an exhibition centre.  Continue reading

Social eMotions Stoassa 24. ja 25. helmikuuta!

To dancers and a cello

Kaksivuotinen tutkimusmatkamme sosiaalisten tunteiden maailmaan on tulossa päätökseen. Projektin huipentumaksi luotu tanssiteos esitettiin viime syksynä Oulussa, ja tällä viikolla se esitetään kaksi kertaa Helsingissä, kulttuurikeskus Stoassa.

Tämä on ensimmäinen kerta, kun esitämme teoksen kunnon teatteritilassa–Oulun esityksemmehän oli Rotuaarilla ulkoilmanäyttämöllä. Stoan black box antaa nyt teokselle kunnolliset puitteet: Jarkon ja Johannan tanssi saa näyttämöllä selkeät kehykset, Ullan ja Iidan musiikki soi tilassa ja ympäröi katsojat, ja iltapäivän aurinko ei tällä kertaa pese Roberton projisointeja näkymättömiin.

Teos on siis duetto kahdelle tanssijalle, kahdelle sellistille ja yhdelle tutkijalle. Teoksessa yleisö pääsee äänestämään koreografian ja musiikin tunteellisen sisällön mobiilisovelluksen kautta. Näin yleisö voi halutessaan asettautua tunnetutkijan rooliin ja nähdä, miten tunteita ilmaistaan ja miten ne tarttuvat ja muuttuvat. Esityksen jälkeisessä yleisökeskustelussa voimme keskustella taiteellista ja tieteellistä otetta yhdistäneestä tutkimuksestamme enemmänkin.

Social eMotions -tanssiteoksen esitykset siis pe 24.2. ja la 25.2. klo 19:00 Kulttuurikeskus Stoassa. Kahden teoksen illassa nähdään myös Johanna Nuutisen hieno sooloteos Hatched.

Esityksiin saa lippuja ovelta sekä Lippupisteestä.

Arts-based research II – reflections


Yesterday I posted my initial thoughts on arts-based research, the topic of today’s panel discussion. Here are my brief mental notes from the morning’s event–they are a mixed bag since I wasn’t taking notes.
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Arts-based research

uwasThere’s a great initiative in Aalto University, called UWAS, or University-Wide Arts Studies. The aim of UWAS is to “offer access to arts-based thinking” to all students at Aalto. UWAS is organising a two-day seminar called U-Create, and I was invited to take part in a panel discussion on “arts-based research”. The panel takes place at 10:45–12:00 on Wednesday 2nd November, and you can watch the livestream or the recording here.

We were sent some initial questions for the panel (which , when I’m writing this, is tomorrow). So, spoiler alert, here’s what I’ll answer!

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ICMPC14: Dyadic improvisation and mirroring of finger movements

As I unfortunately (or, as the reason is a newborn baby in the family, fortunately) were not able to attend the ICMPC14, I decided to summarise our study (co-authored with Maija Niinisalo and Riitta Hari, a poster was supposed to appear at the Music & Movement 3 session on Thursday, 4:00 pm, Seacliff A-C, Th23) on dyadic improvisation in this blog post. The blog post format allows me to use videos etc. to illustrate the tasks and the data better than a static poster would, and also lets me write a bit more about it than would fit in a poster. If you have any questions, drop me an email. We are currently writing this up as a journal article, so you’ll get the whole story soon, I hope.

Dyadic improvisation and mirroring of finger movements


We studied kinematics and coordination in a mirror game using fluent, improvised movements (circle drawing & free movement). 32 participants took part in dyads. In turn, one of the participants was appointed the leader, or the dyad was instructed to share leadership. Hand movements were recorded with optical motion capture.

Compared to the leader–follower condition, sharing leadership resulted in more synchronous circles, smoother free movements, and stronger mutual adaptation.

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2015 in review

Well here’s a recurring new year’s resolution: blog more actively. 😀

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,500 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 58 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Social eMotions @OuDance

Kävimme esittelemässä Koneen säätiön rahoittamaa Social eMotions -projektiamme Oulussa, OuDance-festivaalilla. Kerroimme Jarkko Lehmuksen kanssa projektin tavoitteista ja siitä, mitä olemme tähän mennessä tehneet. Tiivistetysti: tutkimme tunteita kehollisina, sosiaalisina ja dynaamisina ilmiöinä. Videolla Jarkko ja Johanna Nuutinen demonstroivat tutkimusta varten luotua liikemateriaalia, lisäksi näytämme pari liikedata-animaatiota ja kerromme muutenkin projektin etenemisestä. Esittelimme tutkimusta Oulun kulttuuritalo Valven aulassa juuri ennen illan tanssiesityksiä.

Social eMotions @ OuDance from Tommi Himberg on Vimeo.


Write here, write now. Scrivener.

Right. Here we go. November is a month of campaigns. Some people neglect taking proper care of their facial hair to raise awareness of prostate cancer, some others have decided it should be the month of writing books. The National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo for short) has been around since 1999, and last year 256 618 people took part, with 36 843 people reaching the 50 000 word goal. Loads of schools are taking part, as well. The point is to take advantage of the usually foul weather and churn out text by writing every day, and logging your progress on the website, and making noise about the whole thing in the social media while you are at it.

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ICMPC / ESCOM movement and earworms

There is something special in watching the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Greece, narrated in Greek. Just as there was something special in the discussion about politics and democracy that we had a couple of nights ago, under the Greek sky having after-dinner drinks.

The conference is soon drawing to a close, there’s one more day left. My work here is done, the poster was presented already on Wednesday and today I presented the other paper I was involved with. I’m quite happy with how they went, I had lots of nice discussions about the poster, and good questions about the paper. Add to that the effect that the conference with its various deadlines has on getting the work done, and the end result is very positive, indeed.

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